Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Spending a day at the spa might feel incredibly indulgent. But did you know it's also an amazing way to keep your body healthy inside and out?

IF YOU HAVE: Sinus Pain
TRY: A Eucalyptus Facial
"Eucalyptus clear nasal passages and has natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic properties" Zen Zest's Eucalyptus Home Fragrance Oil Also, press facial pressure points the outer corners of eyes, at the center of each eyebrow and at the base of the neck to stimulate detoxification.

IF YOU HAVE: Over Work Hand
TRY: A hand and wrist massage
"Blackberry thumb and carpal tunnel syndrome are a big focus for spas. Terranova Shea Butter Tresses-to-toes Amazing Moisturizer" Pay attention to the fleshy area between the forefinger and thumb. "It is one of the most powerful reflex point on the body.

IF YOU HAVE: Tension Headaches
TRY: A scalp and shoulder massage
"A scalp massage will alleviate tension from the crown of the head down to the jawbone. Origins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind on-the-spot Relief"
Dab a cooling peppermint lotion where the pain is temples, jawbone, and the back of the neck, peppermint oil act like natural cortisone cream, relieving pain.

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