Thursday, September 25, 2008


Some people who want to lose excess weight the mistake of going on diet without completing exercise program. "Naturally, they will have difficulty losing and maintaining weight. In the same way, exercise alone is not enough to make you lose those extra pounds. It has been found in several studies that if do diet and exercise better and weight loss moths and you could in fact, sustain that weight loss."

Some tips to get you started:

> START THE DAY WITH A HEALTHY BREAKFAST - for people with a heavier day ahead, they can start consuming rice in the morning. There has to be a vial that's freshly prepared, not commercially processed or instant food. Easy to prepare food are usually high in salt and fat, and should be avoided. Plus, fresh fruit is always a must after every meal, as it is a good source of fiber.

>NEVER SKIP MEAL - skipping the most important meal of the day is unhealthy because you tend to ever eat during subsequent meals or have a lot of in between snacks. Your body think that its striving. When you skip meals, the body slows down its metabolism as a way of coping. "The more you skip a meal, the more chances of eating more until the next meal. Eat just to satisfy your body needs.

>AVOID TOYO, PATIS, AND BAGOONG - condiments have to go although you can still eat your favorite Adobo we just get a chicken, remove the skin and skip the sauce. Similarly, when having salad, go for the light oil French Dressings instead of Caesar dressing kung sa sawsawan, instead na magpatis ka pa sa sinigang make sure na natimplahan na yung sinigang. Masarap pa rin pero nakabawas tayo ng bawal.

>IF YOU'RE A FAST EATER - wait for 5 minutes before you eat the food placed in front of you. Place small mouthful of food on your spoon. Consciously take time to taste, chew, and savor every mouthful take sips of water between bites.

>IF YOU EAT OVERSIZE PORTIONS - use smaller plate, its best to split your meal with a friends.

>IF YOU EAT WHILE ON THE MOVE - designated an area in your home where you can take your meals. Avoid doing anything else while eating. This distracts you from your eating, making you unaware of how much you are consuming.

>IF YOU OVEREAT AT PARTIES - eat low calories food before you go. Focus on the people and the conversation not the food. Sit away from the buffet table.

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