Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Go Ahead-Waste your time"

Guilt begone: here, the hidden benefits of all that avoiding procrastinating and dithering.
Day Dreaming: might feel like the ultimate of time, but its just the opposite. During day dreaming your brain may actually be processing important issues that aren't relevant at that immediate moment anything from strategist about tonight dinner to wondering abut your kids mysterious bug bites so forgive yourself for spacing out during that boring PTA meeting. Though you may not even be aware of it, you've got other things on your mind.
Napping: does a mind and body good, a 15 to 20 minutes snooze can make you more alert and energized and improve your stamina and longer naps can even help you learn and retain information better. That's all the excuse you need to rest those dropping eyelids for a minutes.
Messiness: is in the eye of the beholder. Just because your idea of "organized" is scattered or mixed up doesn't mean you're necessarily slower or less efficient; you many just have you own system. And if you're naturally a little sloppy, what really wastes time is struggling to maintain strict order. Sure, always searching for your keys isn't exactly time efficient, but think of the treasures you'll discover in the depth of your bog.

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