Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Diet Mistake"

You were so good all week. But then you snack a donuts...... and then another. To get back on track quickly..... In every diet - for me it's after the first ten pounds when you start to slack off a little. You skip lunch one Saturday and later that night at a restaurant with your friends you're so re venous that you order the salad, the soup, the entree and two glasses of chardonnay. Uh-oh, you think, I've blown it. And then you really blow it by sampling half the dessert cart.

To avoid facing the bad news, you go incommunicado with your scale. Feeling defeated, you begin to slack off even more and before you know it, those 10 pounds are back. Now have to muster the motivation to lose that stubborn weight all over again.

Can you say yo-yo dieting? It's a cycle,f but it's not unbreakable. The first step toward success: Learn how to deal with setbacks. I always tell people to fail fast - the idea is to recognize your error but avoid wallowing in it," One mistake isn't going to reverse everything you've worked for....

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