Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Burn Fat Faster"

For minimum fat burning, focus on your form. Walking correctly engages more muscles, which then use up more calories. The main rules: Don't stare at the pavement - stand tall, with your chin up. Do bend your elbows and pump your arms, so your first swing in an arc. Do spring off your toes push off as if you're trying to display the soles of your shoes to someone behind you. And don't forget to stay hydrated.

How to speed up your step;

Pump your arms if you move them quickly, your feet will follow. Plus, you burn more calories when your upper body is in full swing.

Put gravity to work Tilting forward slightly will quicken your pace. The trick is to find just the right angle for your body, and then stay in that position as you walk. To get just enough of a tilt: keep your feet planted and your body perfectly straight; then slowly lean forward from your ankles until you must take a step or you'll fall. That's the spot to shoot for.

Tighten your tummy while walking squeeze your abdominal muscles as though you were trying to fit into your skinny jeans. This simple move saves you energy so you can walk longer.

Take baby step long strides actually slow you down: as your heel hits the ground it acts like a brake. Instead, take swift short steps rolling from heel to toe.

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