Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ultimate Fuel for Runners

As any experienced runner will tell you, proper fuel for your body is a key to making continual progress and performing at your peak. Running requires constant stores of energy in your body to help you add miles to your workout and reach higher goals. Whether you are running as a serious athlete, as a means of weight loss, or simply to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with the added bonus of a workout, it is important to be aware of the demands that running makes on your diet.

First of all, as a runner, it is never a good idea to skip a meal. It is an even worse idea to replace a meal with a long run. While you may feel light on your feet at first, you can bet that lack of proper nutrients will cause you to stop your run short. Your body needs lots of fuel to function efficiently, so make sure to feed that body properly! Depending on the amount of your training it is recommended to have 0.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. Take your protein after training, because it is hard to digest before training and your body will put it to good use in repairing muscle.

In addition to a good diet, there is an important protein supplement that is the secret weapon of top runners: Whey Protein. This special protein rebuilds muscle and is fast absorbing. It provides the body with a complete array of amino acids that are essential for muscle rebuilding. This is why so many runners use whey protein to help their body recover and rebuild muscle after a run. Whey is great for fast recovery to allow runners to take their training to the next level. Protein supplementation also ensures that runners will have adequate daily protein intake required for maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, which is necessary for muscle growth.

When considering post-workout meal options, it is important to prepare for some additional muscle gain. The first hour after your workout allows your muscles to absorb protein most efficiently and therefore leads to improved muscle growth. Whey Protein is a preferred protein for runners due to the low calorie content with optimum benefits per calorie.

Many top runners drink a whey protein shake after each workout in order to help with muscle recovery. Effects are typically felt right away with decreased soreness the next day and over time with visible muscle growth and overall higher energy levels.

Whey protein is one of the most underestimated and overlooked supplements for endurance exercises. All athletes can benefit from whey. It helps prevent muscle breakdown after stressful training because it has a complete amino acids profile for muscle recovery. It is the fastest digesting of any protein source, and also very low in calories, which helps with fat burning and weight loss. This is why runners should always seriously consider whey protein supplements, even if they are only taken after a running session.

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