Sunday, June 3, 2012


I still don’t have a passport. How lame is that? I’d been planning to travel out of the country but still I don’t have a passport. I know, that really sounds stupid. Okay, I am blaming it all to my laziness to my laziness. I hate going through all the hassles of getting public documents. I guess I just need to embrace the fact that I really need to go through with that if I wanted to leave this country. 

Another reason also is that I’d been having problems with some of my public documents and I need to fix it for me to get a passport. A friend advises me to Find A Notary. She says a notary would help me fix those public documents problems. So the next thing I did is hit the computer and Google How to Find a Notary. It gave me some insights and websites (e.g. that would help me. 

The next step is to get myself to that notary and eventually go to the Foreign Affairs office and get that passport once and for all. If I get to accomplish this within this year I would probably go to Hongkong or Singapore next year just to celebrate this milestone in my life – that I finally have a passport.

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