Thursday, July 12, 2012


I am currently on a financial crisis state. If I would be telling the whole story on as to why do I get into this situation it may take me a day. So I am sparing you the gory details. I’d been through depression and desperate phase but I am proud to say that I am able to pull myself up and face it. There’s a saying that when you are down there is no way but up. And I believe that.
Good thing I have set of friends whom I can count on to in times of crisis. A friend of mine is helping me through this installment loan application and bad credit loan offers. And I am happy for the support that I have been getting from my friends. More than the help it’s the love and concern that really touches me. Life isn’t as cruel as it may seem if we just know the things that we should appreciate.
Well hopefully I get to get out with this financial mess sooner. I have no regrets though with this whole thing only lessons learned. This is one of the humbling experiences that I have experienced so far. And indeed it thought me to be more humble.

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