Tuesday, May 22, 2012


A certain friend asks me about How to Become a Notary a while ago and of course I confidently answered her that you need to become a lawyer first. She thought that being a notary would only just require a certain short course. I really don’t know how this notary thing goes all I know is you have to have a license for it and you are a lawyer or something. I suggest her to just Find A Notary or browse some Notary FAQ

I asked my friend why her sudden interest in this notary thing. She said that it is now one of the most lucrative service sought based on her personal experience and observation. She’s right. I also realized that notary services have become one of the consistently needed services in terms of public documents not only in our country but around the globe. 

Now it also got me thinking of how much a notary public earns for, let’s say a month. It’s quite interesting, but thinking of getting into law school and study law makes me cringe. Nah, I’d rather just go to a notary public for my legal document need than to be one. But maybe my friend would be really interested on jumping into this career. So I’ll just egg her to go for it. 

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