Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Foods that Lower Blood Pressure into your Diet

Getting foods that lower your blood pressure into your diet is important. Eating healthy foods lower blood pressure naturally. A lot of what we eat can effect eliminate high blood pressure, or cause high pressure. Just one of many ways. Causes of high blood pressure can be alcohol addiction, thyroid dysfunction, pregnancy, kidney disease, tumors, and obesity. Hypertension makes the heart pump faster. Over eating causes high blood pleasure, so limiting food craving are important, too. The foods that contain a high amount of saturated fats, are particularly bad for your hearts health. Getting exercise and taking health supplements can be a great way to help lower blood pressure as well.

1. There is a diet call DASH diet. For those with a high risk of blood pressure, using this diet might be effective in lowering blood pressure. They don't just focus on specific foods, but portions and how much foods to get into your diet. It also has other health benefits as well, not just for lowering blood pressure. They claim to lower blood pressure in 14 days. For more info, check out to learn more about the DASH diet. You'll find a lot of fiber in this diet, along with foods rich in antioxidants that will lower blood pressure. Grains, vegetables, limit amount of dairy, along with a lot of fruits are made up of this diet.

2. Get avocado and monounsaturated fats into your diet. Foods that are a good source of monounsaturated fats, specifically avocado. Avocado, and olive oil, contain a high source of monounsaturated fats. This is a good fat that will help regulate blood pressure. Good thing about avocado is the fats contained in it won't promote weight gain, and they will support a healthier immune system.

3. Dark chocolate has been said to lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate is actually good in lowering blood pressure, according to studies. Antioxidants are found in dark chocolate. Eating dark chocolate moderately is recommended. Eating too much can lead to other health problems. It's not determine if eating chocolate has any long-term effects on lowering blood pressure.

4. Eat foods with soybeans and other sources high in potassium. Foods specifically high in potassium, like bananas another great source in lowering blood pressure. Potassium helps rid the body of sodium. Sodium is a risk for high blood pressure. A lot of fruits and legumes have a good source of potassium in them. Potassium supports good heart health.

5. Eat foods that are good sources of magnesium. Magnesium has been said to relax blood vessels in your body. It regulates blood sugar levels. Foods that are good sources of magnesium are broccoli, black beans, spinach, grains, nuts, and legumes.

6. Get Vitamin D into your diet. Getting Vitamin D and calcium into your diet helps lower blood pressure. Vitamin D is known to support good bone structure. It also helps prevent a lot of heart diseases as well. Foods like fish, eggs, fish oil, salmon, fish, milk, soy milk are excellent sources of Vitamin D. Limit your dairy intake. If you drink milk, drink either skim milk or soy milk. I personally think soy milk is disgusting, but it's especially helpful in lowering blood pressure.

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