Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cover a Scar When Going Out

It is easy to cover scars, such as those caused by acne or burns, when going out for the night. The trick is to invest in some quality corrective skin makeup products. There are several cosmetics companies that offer products with specifically heavier formulations and unique tones that will cancel out the redness of scarring. Obtain samples of the product first to find the best match for your skin tone. If the scar is on an area that isn't your face, such as an arm or leg, simply use the product like a concealer over it.

Instructions / Things You'll Need

Soft foundation brush
Corrective foundation, liquid
Concealer brush
Corrective foundation, stick
Regular concealer (optional)
Blush (optional)
Bronzer (optional)
Highlighter (optional)
Powder brush
Corrective facial powder

1. Use a soft foundation brush to apply the corrective foundation only to the scarred areas. Apply a light amount to begin with and build the coverage as needed.

2. Use a concealer brush to apply the cream stick corrective foundation around the edges of the scarring to help blend into the surrounding skin. Note that you can also use this product to build up the color of the foundation more slowly.

3. Use a regular concealer to cover blemishes that aren't scars for a more natural look. Apply blush, bronzer and highlighter as desired. Use powdered products if applying over the scarred area to avoid rubbing too much at the foundation products before they've fully set.

4. Use a powder brush to apply corrective facial powder all over the face. Apply a light amount in the areas that aren't scarred and a heavier dusting to set the foundation products.

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