Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just when you thought it was safe to sit back, relax, and enjoy a few heart protective glasses of wine, alcohol seems to have lost the healthy tag it enjoyed in the past. Headline after headline warned us of the dangers of even a few glasses of wine increasing our risk of developing cancer particularly bowel and breast cancer.

If you want to drink, you should do so in moderation. It’s not all bad news: Alcohol can be good for your heart but only if you’re a post menopausal woman or a man over 40, and it may be only red wind that’s beneficial. Moderate amount that a unit or less a day can help reduce blood stickiness and increase levels of beneficial high density lipoproteins. One unit is eight grams of pure alcohol, which is equivalent to one small glass of wine or half a pint of beer.

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Anonymous said...

i think wine is better taken with meals as they can also increase blood sugar level when taken alone in large amounts. thanks for the informative posts you have here on your blog!