Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Discovering a natural cure for insomnia

Having insomnia is no laughing matter. This is why it is crucial for you to find an effective cure for it. You can easily pop a pill for your condition. Insomnia treatments of this sort however can be potentially addictive and dangerous especially when used with other medications. This has led some individuals to explore possible natural alternatives. What are your options?

Diet and Lifestyle Choices

Chronic and pervasive insomnia may not be easy to understand. Many insomnia treatments may not work for some of those who have this severe condition. Before you even think of aggressive solutions however, you may want to start ruling out a couple of factors that may cause your lack of sleep.

Your diet is one area you should first look into. You may be drinking too much coffee or eating too many sweet foods close to bedtime. In this case, your best cure for insomnia is to simply cut back on your caffeine and sugar intake. Drink a glass of warm milk instead before hitting the sack and see if it makes a difference.

You may also lack exercise especially if you have a sedentary job and lifestyle. Get on the treadmill at least thrice a week or hit the pool every other day. Some may think that the only help exercise can give is to tire out the body. In reality though, exercise helps release endorphins. These are hormones that help the mind and body relax and become more ready for sleep.

Relaxation Techniques

Unofficial insomnia treatments may also include relaxation techniques. This is because the normal worries and stresses of life may easily interfere with sleep patterns. You might be able to find a cure for insomnia in your own makeshift home spa. Ask a loved one to give you a soothing massage. To help you unwind even more, you can combine massage with aromatherapy. Soothing scents and relaxed muscles may give you that much needed shut eye.

For more serious times of sleep loss, you may have to learn visualization. Some experts specialize in teaching or facilitating this possible cure for insomnia. In its simple form however, you simply have to push out the negative thoughts that may be keeping you up. You should imagine pleasant and relaxing thoughts instead.

Natural Supplements

Natural products aren’t exactly insomnia treatments. The terms cure and treatment are only reserved for FDA approved medication. Many natural substances however can be considered sleep aids and supplements. Among these are herbal extracts and mixtures. Some of the popular options include chamomile, valerian, hops, lavender and passion flower. You should be careful with herb intake though. Some may be genuinely helpful but others are too unknown and lack scientific backing to be deemed completely safe for regular intake.

An alternative to herbs is melatonin. This is already a naturally occurring substance in the body. There is a theory though that those who suffer from insomnia tend to have a decrease in melatonin levels. Natural melatonin aids are supposed to help stimulate the production of the substance in the body.

You may not be able to find a cure for insomnia immediately. You can however, gradually work toward discovering the appropriate natural insomnia treatments that will fit your system. In any case, trying is far better than allowing insomnia to claim you every night.


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