Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Acne Cure

Acne Cure – A Few Simple And Natural Steps To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne is a skin problem that affects most people during puberty when the hormonal changes occur. A male hormone called Testosterone in both men and women, and insulin-like growth factor are the two hormones most closely linked to acne. Testosterone stimulates the sebaceous glands of the skin to enlarge and produce oil called sebum. Too much sebum and dead skin cells often form a plug and block the pores and provide a breeding place for bacteria causing redness, swelling and bulges out from the skin.

AcneThousands of people from all over the world suffer from acne, the skin disorder that affecting 70 to 95% teenagers during puberty period. Sadly to say this skin disorder not only affecting teenagers but also adults between the age of 20 to 50. Imagine if you suffer this skin order endlessly until your adult life. It cost you a lot from swollen and sore facial skin, feeling unhappy, gross, depress and less confidence and spending lots of money for skin care product and treatment.

Some people are lucky enough that after passing the puberty cycle the acne problem go away without leaving any scar, but some are so unfortunate left with a deep permanent scar.

Believe me having acne for more than 30 years are far from FUN!

Being Asian living in the tropics, I had larger and more sebaceous glands with thicker epidermis that are prone to acne easily. Highly polluted and dusty air is also another factor that make my skin easily clogged by mixture of excess oil and dirt which cause acne.

Acne FreeI was one amongst the many people who suffered from pimples during my teenage years and suffered from whiteheads, pustules and severe cysts (deep pimples and boils) during my adult life.

In senior high as a typical teenager, I suffered from a hormone imbalance and started having pimples all over my face. It began to worry me as I experience quiet severe acne then. The peer pressure amongst children was very cruel. With no time I began experiencing and living in horror everyday being harassed as a “greaser” and “speckled face” name calling. Little by little I felt stressful and less confidence and asked my parents to seek treatment.

Treatment after treatment seemed endless and lead me nowhere, until my brother who studied in US introduced me with a tetracycline as antibiotics that were recommended by the US dermatologist at that time to cure acne. I started taking tetracycline without knowing what the side effects is. At that time I only concern that the pills helped me to clear the pimples away. Later in life I regretted for taking that so-called wonder drug.

If I knew the side effect, I would rather live with acne and sought other treatment than taking tetracycline. I guess I was one of the generations that got victimized by the pills. Through the year my teeth started experiencing discoloration, leaving overall gray cast in the enamel, accented with darker horizontal lines. It kept me away from wide happy smile as this was a permanent embarrassment to me.

Later in life, it cost me further as my teeth regularly had cavities and need filling and with times the teeth became so brittle and easily breaking off for no reason. If I could turn back the time, I would definitely seek other natural cure for acne rather than taking tetracycline.

Acne FreeThe story was not ended here, I was fortunate enough to be able to move to US for my college year. My skin got better as I lived in a sub-tropic California and the four-season state of Ohio.

But again, like the ugly shadow at the age of 22 the breakout returned and followed me around for the next twenty years. Why Me? I even wondered and asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall when will be my acne gone for all?”

I tried different type of acne lotion and ointment from over the counter products. I even tried toothpaste and squeezing out the vitamin E soft caplet, applied them to the swollen acne expecting that they would be drying off and it would sooth the swollen and redness. I even tried the papaya skin mask to no avail (had to be careful that it can only be done within 5 to 8 minutes or my skin would be damaged from the sap of the papaya skin).

I spent lots of money to seek treatment from different beauty salon and dermatologist. When I came back to my country my acne became worst and I start living in nightmare. I had severe acne that affecting all over my face, chin and neck. It was no longer whiteheads or pustules. it was a cyst of deep pimples and boils.

I felt angry, hopeless, and gross. I started seek treatment from a local salon and using a traditional herbal mask. As the boils hurt like hell and swollen, I had no choice and let the dermatologist to cut open the acne and squeeze it out. I watched in horror as acne scars began to accumulate on my face.

Acne FreeLater as the condition worsened I seek treatment from a so-called famous dermatologist specialized in acne treatment, the doctor did the same procedures as the previous beauty salon, cleaned my face, cut open the acne, squeezed it out and sealed the wound using electrocautery. It hurt and smelled like a barbecued meat. I was once again horror as I watched that acne scars became worse and creating deep bean-sized hole, similar to the Chicken pox scar all over my face and chin.

When the acne breakout started to stop, I stopped taking the prescription drugs and it turned out that I was having yet another even worse breakouts.

After a while I felt tired of seeking treatment and taking drugs from a doctor, and I follow one of the doctors that recommended me to start cleansing my face using baby soap and decided to stop taking drugs. I was beginning to worry that I would have to take the same drugs for the rest of my life. It worked wonder for a while but my skin became so dull in appearance.

It took me more than five years to have my smooth, vibrant healthy looking skin back and lots of trial and error to find the natural ways to do it:

  • First, of course clean your face whenever necessary
  • Wash your face with the left-over tea leaves, or cover your face by steam from the tea leaves in a pale of hot water
  • Make sure your wash your hair regularly
  • Never neither touch nor scratch the acne no matter how hurt and itchy, as the bacteria will harvest on the skin and the area will be filled with more acne
  • Never squeeze or pop up the acne
  • When experiencing breakout never scrub your face, use scrub lotion only when you have no breakout on your face
  • If you need to use facial products such as lotion or moisturizer making sure it has no alcohol and fragrance content
  • Ladies: avoid using thick make-up
  • Drink lots of water, try avoiding cola
  • Stay away from a second-hand smoke
  • Be Happy and try not to live in stress or depression
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise help reducing elevated insulin that trigger hormone imbalance and assist better blood circulation
  • Take yoga class regularly. Yoga can help you less stress, detoxify and clean the impurities of your body
  • Use an Aromatherapy that also works as Oxygen therapy to enhance skin repair and cell regeneration for a smoother, vibrant and healthy looking skin
  • Choose a healthy diets with a protein rich and a low Glycemic Index food (Fiber, tofu and vegetables) and eat more fruits rich in antioxidants (vitamin C and vitamin E) such as Goji Berry, Berry, Citrus and Oranges
  • Make sure you have enough sleep at least 8 hours a day. Avoid sleep deprivation.

Acne FreeThe aforementioned are few steps done to accomplish my face acne free for life and get a smooth and vibrant looking skin. These might takes a year or two to accomplish.

Recently I accidentally found a better option from one of the famous e-book: Chris Gibson acne free in 3 days. Though the title seemed to good to be true for those of us who suffers from severe acne and scars, however all the steps mentioned in these e-book make sense and easily to follow, at least within 3 days of practicing the steps you will see the difference on your skin.

Hopefully all the information in this article will help those who desperately seek a natural way to cure acne and be acne-free for the rest of life, get back the self-confidence that are lost due to severe acne and feel great about yourself and appearance. Stop hiding yourself behind make-up, hats or veil.


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