Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I know someone who wants to be big in the business industry. And he’s been asking around some tips about putting up a large scale business. And as a good friend that I was, despite having a very basic knowledge about business, I wanted to somehow help my friend. So I strike some keys on my search bar and I fished some great results. Here’s what I found {please visit the links for more information}:

Global Branding for Entrepreneurs
Global Branding Services
Branding Equation for Entrepreneurs

The three links above are of course all about product branding. Those who are starting to put up a business most of the times took product branding for granted. It is understandable to focus on the product first but I suggest that they also put an equal brain and effort on their products would-be brand names. I know {correct me if I am wrong} that big companies and corporations has a separate department just for their product branding because they knew that a product name also creates an impact to the consumer. Product name is a trademark and you would want your products to have a good one. It is somehow part of the big marketing scheme.

I hope after I advise this matter to my friend I would be able to help him somehow. Who knows, one of these years my friend’s future product would be well known globally. Now he has to give me a lifetime supply of what may be it is because it is me idea.


Pete said...

Ahhh, I agree, branding is very important in business!

maik said...

yes i also agree with this. it makes your business more strong and healthy like...

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