Sunday, September 13, 2009

Know the benefits

There is quite a hullabaloo regarding the health hazards that the usage of L- Glutamine can inflict on you. For all those anxious souls who are reading this article, here is the myth-buster; this is one of the 20 vital amino acids listed by the standard genetic code. Infact, it is one of the building blocks of the human body mechanism and so is perfectly safe for your health. However, excessive intake of its supplement might upset your stomach, but this dictum goes the same with any thing in the world and therefore you should not go beyond the prescribed dosage.

The L-glutamine phobia has been devised as a result of the excessive marketing tricks that often tag glutamine with “extreme caution” or “not recommended”. The truth comes in the form of several studies that have been done in the recent times and they indicate its benefits on the gastrointestinal function. It is helpful in intestinal cell proliferation and differentiation, aiding maintenance of gut barrier function and reducing the irritable bowel syndrome. Also, it helps in healing the surgical wounds after operations. This is because it helps in maintaining cell volume and hydration. The body builders or fitness freaks who love working out may find themselves feeling weary and very tired after a work-out. This is the result of decreased glutamine that affects the immune system of the body as well. You can always increase its level in your body by popping in one of its supplements and can thus feel rejuvenated again.

A recent research states that glutamine also helps in producing growth hormone level. According to the study, 2 grams of L- Glutamine can increase these hormones by 200% which is commendable. And now is the final clincher, scientist also claim that it is also a cure for ulcers. It helps in increasing the cure rate for ulcers at a significantly better rate. So, don’t let the inhibition seep in deep into your psyche about the side effects of glutamine. It is a very helpful health supplement. So what keeps you waiting? Go grab your supplement!

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