Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The initial plan for me is to retire by the age of 45. It is just a decade from now and by the looks of it will never be achievable. I still have a lot of goals to achieve and I am still way behind in terms of monetary savings. My current savings as of this moment wouldn’t last me a year. So yeah, I can’t retire and not work when I am 45.

It saddened me to realize this. I have expected to be just relaxing and spending my hard earned money while experiencing mid-life crisis. I have expected that I will be travelling most of the time or just spending my free time on casino online gratis by the time that I am 45. But I am keeping my perspective positive and hope that I could only adjust a few more years for my planned early retirement. Say, I could retire when I am 50? A new set of goal is good to get me going and be motivated.

How about you? Do you have any plans for your future? If you still don’t have, you should start having one. Planning your future is good. It motivates you to work hard.  

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