Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Headache Trigger

Results from the 2012 United States Cluster Headache Survey revealed that alcohol remains the main trigger for cluster headaches. More than half of all survey participants stated that alcohol was their main headache trigger. In some European countries the rates of alcohol induced headache are much greater (Sweden 79%, UK 63%) or approximately the same (Germany 54%).

The main source of alcohol for US respondents was beer (57%) followed by red wine and hard liquor (about 50%). Most survey respondents reported that they stopped drinking at the onset of a cluster headache. Interestingly, the data also supported a well-known fact that beer is the number one consumed alcoholic beverage in the United States. Hence, the question is still out as to whether these numbers would look different in other countries - where other alcoholic beverages reign...
Tell us about your experience with alcohol and headaches.

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