Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer snack for kids will enjoy

During the summer children are playing inside and out grateful that they have been granted two months where they do not have to worry about school. They have the ability to sleep in late and play as much as they desire. However, this means that they will become drained quickly unless they have the ability to eat snacks that will keep them going.
Rather then taking them to McDonald's each day and feeding them greasy food why not make fun snacks at home. Snacks that will save you money, keep them healthy, and ones they have the ability to savor. "Easy Recipe for kids"
When you have nothing else the best thing you are able to make are sandwiches. Grilled cheese, ham, turkey, and bologna are some of their popular selections to consume. To make things more exciting for them you should cut the crusts off or trim them into cute shapes. On the side you will be able to give them the fat free potato chips or slices of carrots and celery with their own dipping sauce.
Fruit Salad
Sugar is something that they love - but don’t always call for when it comes available in the form of a candy bar. Instead why not create a sweet fruit salad that has all of the things that they love sprinkled with honey. Watermelon, bananas, apples, and grapes are a few of the healthiest and taste great together.
Ice Cream
The one treat you should never deny them during the summer is ice cream. You can always buy it at the store, take them to the ice cream shop, or you will be able to make some at your home. You should be able to acquire dozens of ice cream recipes that they will love and that are truly different.