Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I don’t have any problems gaining weight. I can gain weight in a blink of an eye. Even just the smell of a chocolate can give me an extra pound. Okay I am exaggerating a little but seriously if I don’t watch my diet I would see myself weighing more than two hundred pounds for the next few years.

Unfortunately I don’t have the patience for a diet program. I can’t see myself completing phases of a south beach diet or even Atkinson’s diet. I have a very huge love on eating. Eating is one of my comfort activities, so deprive me on eating and I will be depressed.

One of the best options for me is to take some pills, which I am afraid to do after I read some Asbestos Survey, Pharmaceutical Decommisioning and Pharmaceutical Decontamination. Now I am paranoid. So what should I do now?


Jeanine said...

If you don't like following a program then the best way to lose weight is to follow the hunger principle and don't eat when you are not hungry. On the other hand, there are some really great exercise programs that will whip you into shape really fast. Check out these fitness resources if you are interested.

LC David said...

This good technique to Loss Weight.
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Chad said...

A few tips:
- consume less calories than you burn.
- eat 5-6 times daily or every 3-4 hours.
- don't go for long runs, keep cardio short and intense.
- lifting weights is a must! So is interval training.

For more tips go to my site. www.chadhowsefitness.com