Sunday, October 11, 2009

Reasons To Lose Weight

Good reasons on why you should lose weight.

For every person, there is an ideal range for his weight. This is primarily dependent on the physique and the height of that person.

A taller man has higher weight range than a shorter man. Ideally, we should keep our weight on our specific range so that we can be considered healthy. While it may be true that one’s weight is not the only factor in determining a person’s health condition, knowing how far or near a person’s weight is to his range is still one important factor.

If that reason is not enough, then here are an additional seven good reasons to lose weight.

First, having a lower weight can greatly decrease your blood pressure. This will help you avoid problems caused by high blood pressure.

Second, if the blood pressure is lowered, the cholesterol level goes down as well. This is an important health factor to monitor, especially to middle aged people.

Third, people will have a lower risk of having diabetes, a killer disease that must be avoided at all costs.

Fourth, with lower weight, people will experience less disrupted sleep.

Fifth, there is less risk for depression. This is important so people can live active lives.

Sixth, older people can avoid osteoarthritis of the joints that carry the most weight and pressure. This is crucial to maintain those healthy joints.

Seventh, by losing weight, people gain more self esteem.

With these reasons, one must really try to keep his weight in his normal levels. These do help on weight loss as well as leading to a healthy lifestyle.

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